Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Life In General

Life in General
it's a gift
I've known that for quite a while.
The sun's simple rays will
    always make me smile.
Yet life in general
  can take it's turns
and before you realize
  your heart gets burned.
We truly don't understand
this gift we receive
  until we fall to our feet
 and learn to grieve.
 I have always accepted life 
         day by day
I never expected such an emotion
 would enter my heart and stay.
 Life in general may bring such happiness
and in the exact same moment paralyze you
               with lonliness.
I must admit my heart, spirit and soul
      feel broken
Yet life in general has it's many tokens.
 As we sail along our river of life
   We hope we won't face the storm
Yet when the storm hits,
we are offered an outstretched hand in the midst.
   Though life in general
         may seem mundane,
He is always there to guide us down his lane.
 My heart will heal,
My soul will grow stronger,
Because My Life in general
Will make my spirit live longer.

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