Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Well Ok, It's Wednesday and IT IS HOT

I posted a couple of letters I wrote to Will, just because and well I like them, they make my heart and spirit have some peace! After being so excited yesterday, like a child with a new toy, about my blogging experience beginning, I almost feel writer's block today. I have no idea what I want to blabber about, and thinking anything I ramble about will probably bore most folks out of their minds! I am chatting with a friend on fb, and I m sitting here thinking, I am so glad I m not the only one in this world that feels the way I do. It's amazing just hearing that someone is on the same path that God chose for you, well, you know what I mean. The similiar experience, the shared feelings of every emotion you could imagine. Why does it always make us feel better to feel we aren't alone? Are we like wolves in a pack to where we desire that certain comfort level, or is it God's way of sending us comfort in a time of need? It amazes me the amount of thoughts I can have at any given moment in my head, it s almost as if I have catergories, and sub catergories, and sub of sub catergories lol, hahahhah Only to be in the mind of me :) I hope everyone stays cool today, I do believe yesterday was the hottest day I have ever felt and I WAS INSIDE! I hope to have something more interesting to write later, but for now. I have emptied the catergorized library I suppose ! Have a blessed day!

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